Our company PT. Cryo Services Indonesia (CSI) is your most reliable partner in the cryogenic bussiness. 

CSI was founded in 2008 by a group of people with strong technical experience with cryogenic equipments for industrial gases industries, including ;

  • Cryogenic application projects.
  • Installation or repair of cryogenic tank, piping and distribution equipment.
  • Strong technical background in vacuum applications and cryogenic services such as cryogenic tank vacuum restorations with very fine leak detections.

Today, CSI has expanded its bussiness operation into ;

  • CNG bussiness in manufacturing of CNG cradle, also in other bussiness areas including: LPG, Refrigerant, Oil & Gas industries.
  • LNG bussiness in supplying equipments, such as: LNG storage tanks and road tankers, vaporizers, valves, pressure regulating system, instrumentation.
  • Supply of cryogenic or non-cryogenic equipments.
  • Safety Training.
  • ASU Plant Consultancy.
  • Steel fabrication works.
  • Various inquiries from petrochemical, power generation, automotives, industrial process tools, R&D, laboratory, defense and semiconductor industries.

Which are supported by team of experts and highly experienced people in design engineering jobs to support customer’s needs in design engineering solutions, supplying equipments, or fabrication/construction. Our customers are from national and multinational companies. Our sales and engineers team possess deep and proven experience in assisting clients in automation processes to enhance product quality, increase productivity, reduce waste, improve safety, and to meet regulatory requirements. Our solution will be tailored to meet the unique needs and expectation of our customers.

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