Which are supported by team of experts and highly experienced people in design engineering jobs to support customer’s needs in design engineering solutions, supplying equipments, or fabrication/construction.

CSI was founded in 2008 by a group of people with strong technical experience with cryogenic equipments for industrial gases industries, including ;

  • Cryogenic application projects.
  • Installation or repair of cryogenic tank, piping and distribution equipment.
  • Strong technical background in vacuum applications and cryogenic services such as cryogenic tank vacuum restorations with very fine leak detections.

Today, CSI has expanded its bussiness operation into ;

  • CNG bussiness in manufacturing of CNG cradle, also in other bussiness areas including: LPG, Refrigerant, Oil & Gas industries.
  • LNG bussiness in supplying equipments, such as: LNG storage tanks and road tankers, vaporizers, valves, pressure regulating system, instrumentation.